The HOPE Story

H.O.P.E. (Hutton Opportunities for Professional Exploration) Neighborhood Roasters is a professional, student-led specialty coffee roasting production established at the Hutton Settlement Children's Home in Spokane, Washington.

When you choose HOPE Neighborhood Roasters, you become a vital part of Hutton Settlement's mission of nurturing, educating and preparing children in need.

For more on the roasting program's beginnings, check out this story!

  • About the Hutton Settlement

    The Hutton Settlement nurtures, educates and prepares children who are in need of a safe and healthy home. It is our vision that through excellence in residential care and family engagement, the Hutton Settlement will empower each child to lead an independent and fulfilled life of value and contribution. We believe that every child deserves a safe home and family. That's why, for over 100 years, we've been providing long-term residential care for children ages 5-18. Today, we offer extended services such as:

    - Mental Health Services

    - Post-Graduation/Alumni Support

    - Vocational Education & Experiences

    - Recreational Opportunities

    - Family Engagement, Education & Coaching

    To learn more, visit our website!

  • Career and Technical Education

    Youth learn and lead in all areas of the coffee supply chain to include importing, product development, quality control, marketing, sales, distribution and strategy.

  • Cultural Studies

    Youth participate in country of origin studies through cross-cultural communication with farmers, origin country travel, and participation at international coffee events.

  • Sustainable Funding

    All subscription donations provide educational stipends for youth roasters and annual funding for Hutton Settlement's campus educational programs.

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